Why are McDonald's workers on strike? And what is the #McDonaldsStrike on Twitter?

On Wednesday (May 19), McDonald's employees in major cities across the U.S. — including Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, St Louis, Houston and Milwaukee, among others — went on strike, just one day ahead of the company's annual corporate annual shareholders (May 20).

The goal of the strike is to increase employee pay to at least $15 per hour. The effort is supported by the Service Employees International Union.

McDonald's employees have been working to convince the company to raise their minimum wage since 2012, creating the Fight for $15 movement and fighting for union rights in the process. The organization has gained over 70,000 followers on Twitter.

According to Mother Jones, McDonald's has attempted to incentivize prospective employees amid a shortage of restaurant workers. For new employees, they are offering various incentives, such as a $50 bonus to anyone who shows up to select interviews. The company also previously gave out free combo meals, while some locations have offered minimal raises.

McDonald's responded to strike efforts earlier this month. "Our first responsibility is to hardworking restaurant crew, and we respect and appreciate their dedication to serve millions of customers daily,” McDonald’s USA said in a statement to Vice. “It’s the responsibility of federal and local government to set minimum wage, and we’re open to dialogue so that any changes meet the needs of thousands of hardworking restaurant employees and the 2,000 McDonald’s independent owner/operators who run small businesses.”

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