Wow, Im 24 years old and I just might buy a happy meal for myself no kid nearby lol. This is so cool to me, McDonalds had some elite toys back in the day anybody remember the DC superhero watches or anything Sponge bob related? Who comes up with these toys honestly they where great back in the day!

So they first happy meal came out 40 years ago and McDonald's is celebrating this milestone by re-releasing some of its most popular toys over the past four decades, including Ty Beanie Babies' Patti the Platypus and the Tamagotchi. McDonald's.

These will be called "Surprise Happy Meal" that will include the throwback toys beginning today, Thursday, November 7, through Sunday, November 11.


McDonald's To Test Market Go Active Meal
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who knew happy meals been around since late 70s wow I thought they was just cool in the 90s (that's when I was born) so I guess that's why I really didn't know but I never heard my aunts and uncle say they had a happy meal before.. hmmm

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