It seems like the people who live in and around Kansas City are being instructed to take some preparatory measures to be ready for the arrival of Bills Mafia.

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If there is one advantage that the Buffalo Bills have over most of the other teams in the NFL, it's the fact that Bills fans will travel all over the country to cheer for their favorite team.

That, coupled with the fact that you will find Bills fans just about everywhere, means that just about any away game could feel like a home game for the Bills.

That is a great opportunity for the Bills to feel that positive energy no matter where they go. However, that also means that sometimes opposing cities need to take special precautions to prepare for the potential arrival of thousands of members of the Bills Mafia.

That is no more apparent than in Kansas City this week when the

" target="_blank">Mayor of Kansas City had to issue a special warning to people who live around Kansas City.

It seems that the reputation of the Bills Mafia, and its need to sometimes need to clear a store of its stock of folding tables, has proceeded itself and subsequently forced one of the top officials in the State of Missouri to direct residents to hide their yard furniture.

Being that this isn't the first time that the Bills Mafia has invaded Kansas City, this warning may not have been a bad idea. Members of the Mafia have been spotted at the KC Marathon this week.

The Bills are favored to win against the Chiefs this week, which would reinforce the dominance the Bills have had over the NFL this season.

However, no matter what happens I'm sure Devon will get the tables ready.

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