Love snow? You may be in luck this season. Halloween has come and gone and that means we start to focus on the Holidays and that normally means cooler weather. But this year things are starting a little differently in New York State.

Most of the forecasts are calling for warm, and possible record, temperatures for the first few days of the new month. While most are getting the Christmas lights out, there are some who are still enjoying their patio!

But the warm weather is keeping the Great Lakes warm as well. If you grew up near one of them or know anything about how lake effect weather works, you know that warm water and cold air are the perfect combination for big amounts of snow. The water temperature in both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario is still holding steady in the mid 50's.

1059 AM EDT Mon Oct 31 2022 The water temperature off Buffalo is 57 degrees.

1059 AM EDT Mon Oct 31 2022 The water temperature off Rochester is 55 degrees.

It doesn't take much cool air either to have an impact. Yes, we get lake enhanced rains. But when we get air that drops to the lower 30's and the wind is just right, boom snow piles! For the next few days it looks like we won't need a shovel but you snow it's coming and I am ready!

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