Buffalo and Western New York have been hit with a once-in-a-lifetime storm that is going to leave a lasting effect on the region as we begin our storm recovery.

In all, the region was largely paralyzed by a blizzard that brought winds that rival a hurricane, along with several feet of snow, and sub-freezing temperatures. All of these combined have been attributed to the death of several people across the area, along with thousands of people being trapped in their homes, many of which were without power.

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As the cleanup is occurring, many within the community are not happy with the storm response from the elected officials that have been tasked with managing the people's resources. While there is likely plenty of blame to be cast around the region, it appears that a feud is in the works between two very powerful elected officials in Buffalo.

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During his morning storm briefing on Wednesday, December 28, 2022, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz spent some time expressing his frustration with Mayor Bryon Brown, the city of Buffalo, and what many has called the city's inability to effectively deal with major snow when storms arrive.

Buffalo Mayor Bryon Brown responded to questions during his morning briefing, expressing his frustration with the comments that were given by the County Executive, especially because those comments were never said to him directly in their many conversations.

Further, the Mayor of Buffalo went on to talk about how he handles stressful situations and doesn't lash out at people as the County Executive has.

As the storm recovery continues, there are sure to be more comments between these two regarding the performance of Buffalo in this storm and if Erie County should take over snow removal operations in the city limits.

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