I have to be completely honest with you ... I get so sick and tired of posting virtually meaningless blogs everyday.  Everyday I search for something worthwhile to post, or blog about, and I continually feel as though there's something missing.  DAILY there are numerous GOSSIP RIDDEN NEWS Stories to choose from about killings, or any other crime related news that serves none of us any purpose other than a means of PROFESSIONAL GLORIFIED GOSSIP ...that's really all "The News" is! EVERY NEWSCAST you see on TV starts out with some BAD NEWS ITEM ... WHY???....because PEOPLE LOVE TO ***SEE*** BAD NEWS & LOVE GOSSIP!!!!!  I DO NOT!!!!  Just because it's presented in a  Professional Manner by Professional News Person ...whoopy dooo ....the content is still of NO VALUE if it's about someone else's TRAGEDY!!!!!  So here I am everyday realizing that I can post some "News Story" which is of no worth to anyone other than it's GLORIFIED GOSSIP VALUE, and people will FLOCK to read it!  I'm so tired of that.

So when I do run across something of "WORTH" I get such an excited and exhilarating feeling it's comes along with a passion to share with you what I DON'T LIKE in anticipation of sharing with you what I "DO" like!!!!  It's very rare that I find ANYTHING , but today is that exception and I'm excited to show you a video I ran across which actually ( and initially) appealed to my DUMB DUMB side with me thinking I was about to be ENTERTAINED by yet another FIGHT VIDEO!  The only saving grace to me feeling GOOD ABOUT MYSELF WHILE WATCHING was that I wanted to see this 'FIGHT" and watch the weaker, smaller guy WIN...which I shouldn't have wanted to see any two people FIGHT...Period!!!!

Instead of seeing what was anticipated I was so elated and unexpectedly overjoyed to see what I did as the video progressed....

THANK GOD FOR THIS VIDEO AND FOR THE GENTLEMAN WHO INTERVENED ... I wish I knew who this guy is and I'm wondering if this is in Buffalo!  Wherever it is is,; it needs to be practiced everywhere on this earth!!!!


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