Karl Laventure, who was wearing nothing but his underwear, came out of the woods at the Atlanta Golf Center and began screaming about religion, Tupac Shakur and cannibalism. According to witnesses, the 21-year-old told them, "I'll eat you. I don't want to eat you, but I will."

Hilarious. When officers arrived, they tasered him at least 11 times before he was arrested. During questioning, he told officers he had smoked a joint sprinkled with bath salts.

What is going on with these people and bath salts?! After one or maybe two people have turned into canibals from bath salts, you would think people would leave them alone. Not at all. It seems like the more people that go crazy from bath salts, the more people that are trying it. From now on, I'm not writing any more stories about people doing crazy stuff from bath salts. This seems to just encourage more people to try it. I don't want to be responsible for any more people getting eaten because some one is curious about bath salts.


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