It wasn't long ago a woman got herself in hot water for Periscoping her drunk-driving in Florida.

Another genius (note the dripping sarcasm) decided to not only drive drunk, but to FILM himself DRINKING IN THE CAR, WHILE DRIVING THE CAR, and posted the video to Facebook.  His friends even commented with "Dude, REALLY????" and he gave the natural, idiotic response of "I'm good".  Kind of like those braniacs who say they "drive better when they're drunk". News, Weather

The kicker of the story is that his own family has an EXCUSE for him -- hat he's faced "unspeakable tragedy" recently.  "He wasn't just drinking for no reason." WHAT?!?!?!

Personally, I 100% REJECT this me, it's as reprehensible as the "affluenza defense". Disgusting.  We've ALL faced tragedy, tough times, bad days, WHATEVER.  That does NOT give you the right to turn your vehicle into a 3,500 pound weapon.  Injuring or killing yourself or others...Hmm, yeah, THAT should erase your recent tragedy.  And make even MORE for your family.  Say whatever you'd like to me, I will NEVER accept someone else's inability to deal with life circumstances as an excuse to get behind the wheel while drunk...not to mention while continuing to drink, on camera, and posting it on Facebook.

Then again, I'm GLAD he posted the video, because it's what lead him to being caught, and what possibly stopped ANOTHER family from more "unspeakable tragedy".



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