Buffalo's hot real estate market is great news for people who have the financial wherewithal to participate in the market. However, many people find themselves on the margins of society and need some additional assistance to be able to find safe and affordable housing in Western New York. For many years, Buffalo has ranked among the poorest cities in the nation and requires thousands of additional affordable housing units in order to keep up with the needs of the people.

While there has been quite a bit of affordable housing development in recent years, the units that are being built are not enough to keep up with the demand.

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With the New York State Budget being passed and put into effect, the Empire State is set to spend more than $200 billion on different services, initiatives, and infrastructure projects all over the state to support the nearly 20 million people who call New York home. The final budget includes more than $80 million to help create and maintain affordable housing in Buffalo and several other cities in Upstate New York.

$40 million of these funds will go to New York State Homes and Community Renewal to help underwrite new home construction in Buffalo, with another $40 million to create a fund to help small landlords make repairs and improvements to their homes in exchange for renting those apartments at affordable prices.

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The plan also makes an additional $10 million available to help prevent evictions by providing emergency funds to cover past-due rent for those who qualify.

This is good news for Buffalo, especially since several members of the Buffalo Common Council refused to support these measures.

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Anything we can do to help build Buffalo seems like a good idea. These new programs should go a long way toward continuing its growth.

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