As we all try to stay safe during this holiday season, I spoke to New York's Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul about how to celebrate without exposing yourself or your family to COVID-19.

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NYS Lt. Gov. Explains Five-Part Strategy for Beating COVID-19


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Lt. Governor Hochul has some beautiful words of encouragement for people struggling with the holiday season this year due to COVID-19. She told me,

"The message is, you're not alone. This is short-term in our lives. We're going to get through this. We are Buffalo strong."

During our interview, the Lt. Governor spoke about the State's five-part strategy to beating COVID-19, which she reminded us, isn't new. According to the NY Forward website, the five parts of the plan to combat COVID-19 this winter are:

1. Strategy 1 - Continue and Strengthen New York's Targeted Micro-Cluster Strategy while Managing Hospital Capacity to Enhance and Equalize Care
2. Strategy 2 - Increase and Balance Testing Resources and Availability
3. Strategy 3 - Keep Schools Open Safely
4. Strategy 4 - Prevent Viral Spread from Small Gatherings
5. Strategy 5 - Operationalize an Equitable and Safe Vaccination Program


Sandra Lindsay, a New Yorker, First Person in U.S. to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

She also spoke about how the distribution of the Pfizer vaccine and the first vaccinations went across the State. Lt. Gov. Hochul said she knows that people may be reluctant to get the vaccine, but she highlighted the first person to be vaccinated in not only New York, but in the country. Gov. Hochul praised Sandra Lindsay, an African-American woman from Queens, saying during our interview,

"She was brave, she stuck her arm out there and she was a great example of what we all need to do to help get this behind us. She was one of the many people who have shown us the path."

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