Two groups of protestors, with opposite agendas, clashed in Buffalo today, leaving one person injured.

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Credit: WGRZ

Two separate groups of protestors got into an altercation in Niagara Square in Buffalo, today December 19, 2020. According to WKBW, Police says that one person was injured in the scuffle. One of the groups was protesting COVID-19 restrictions requiring people to wear masks in public place. The other group was made up of counter-protestors. The Erie County Comptroller, Stefan Mychajliw, who has been controversial when it comes to enforcing local and state COVID-19 restrictions, arrived at the protests. Channel 7 says that's when the fight happened. One of the protestors suffered minor injuries, although it's not clear to which group the protestor belonged.

Erie County Comptroller Disagrees with COVID-19 Safety Restrictions

Erie County Comptroller, Stefan Mychajliw, has done a number of things to disregard the COVID-19 restrictions put in place on local businesses and residents. He re-wrote the payment schedule for fines against businesses that violated COVID-19 rules, according to WIVB. After the Erie County Health Department shut down the Holiday Twin Rinks, Mychajliw wrote a letter to the owners, siding with them, over the County,

"I was extremely disheartened to hear about the Erie County Department of Health yet again attacking local businesses by shutting down your business. Hundreds of children involved in youth sports can no longer practice or engage in much needed exercise. Families planning to travel for practices now must make last minute plans. Erie County’s unfortunate attacks on businesses is needlessly destroying families."

Even though Erie County is considered an orange zone and saw a drastic increase in hospitalizations and COVID-19 infections, Mychajliw has opposed the restriction put in place. In my opinion, it seems as though he's following Donald Trump's lead, disregarding public health and public safety. I do understand the economic impact on businesses and I think it would be better for everyone involved if he worked with Erie County, rather than trying to go to war with the same county that he serves. Our tax dollars pay his salary, so he's got to figure out how to balance public health and the economic impact, rather than working against residents.

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