It's unimaginable as to what 7 Year-Old Anthony Conti's Family must be going through as a devastating fire cost the life of young Anthony.  Making matters even worse is the speculation, according to News sources, that the fire may have been caused by the father lighting a cigarette with a blow torch.  An investigation is reportedly under way.  Blame for the fire aside, the Lovejoy Community has come out in support of the family and have begun a GOFUNDME Page to help the family.  (Donation information is also available below regarding Non-Cash Donations for the Conti Family)

"One thing I thing," Joe Conti said. "We got five out of six of the kids out, one we couldn't get. I just feel like I failed him [...] He was the sweetest kid you could ever meet. Hugged mom a thousand times a day, told her he loved her. He was just a good boy. Great boy. Just a sweet boy. The school loved him...he was just an all around amazing kid."

WGRZ Coverage of the Story:


The Conti Family has not only a loved one in 7 Year-Old Anthony, they've also lost everything in the fire.  Offer your help below,

According to WGRZ News, here is a list of items needed by the Conti Family after their loss of everything in the fire:

  • Mom: x-small shirts and pants, size 9 shoes

  • Dad: x-large shirts and size 32 pants, size 12 shoe

  • Kaylee (teen girl): med shirts and pants, women's size 9 shoes

  • Amber (teen girl): small shirts and pants, women's size 9 shoes

  • Aria (toddler girl): 3T, kids size 10 shoes

  • Angelo (teen boy): med shirts and pants, men's size 13 shoes

According to News Sources, Monetary donations are also being taken at St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church at 45 Ideal Street. and Non-Cash Donations at Mead Library at 126 Ludington St.

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