The age of masking wearing is upon us and seemingly may last for a long time.  Along with this new way of life. comes frustration.  You've experienced it.  You're in a setting, in public, where you're allowed to remove your mask...Ahhhhh!   With your mask in your hand, you quickly realize that there's nothing you do other than hold the thing.  Enter Chains that hold the mask for you

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Here are some local students who created chains for masks and more.  They wanted to make something for kids so they couldn't lose their masks,

There are others who have made and are creatively making chains for masks as well.  According to today.comLara Eurdolian of Pretty Connected, launched her own line of mask straps; she calls them, according to

Rocio Biosca, the owner of Etsy shop FireflyFeelingBright, told Shop TODAY.

"I started to make the chains after noticing that people don’t know where to put their masks when they take it off, to eat or drink, to breathe out in the open, when they get in their cars, et cetera,  "Some people would just hang their face mask on their ear, but that is very uncomfortable, and if you place it on a table or on any surface, it could easily become contaminated."


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