It's something seldom spoken of.  Maybe mainly because of fear of the unknown as it's something every living person will experience ... End of Life, Death, Mortality.   How do you tackle this topic and make it such that people embrace it and want to see it and have a discussion?   The documentary's Film-Makers, Helen Whitney, explains...


Local Prince of Peace Church of God In Christ (C.O.G.I.C.) Pastor, Reverend Vernal Harris and 1st Lady tEvangelist Narseary Harris are featured in the film and have taken on the subject of Death involuntarily and full circle...and in somewhat unfortunate fashion.  These two individuals have had more than their share of dealing with significant death.  I say significant because the prominent deaths they've dealt with hit home 100% as they have lost two young sons, Paul King David Harris and Solomon Harris, to Sickle Cell Anemia.  Both Reverend Harris and Evangelist Narseary Harris have their own featured segments in the film.

Tonight's PBS Special, INTO THE NIGHT: PORTRAITS OF LIFE AND DEATH, takes all of us on a journey into the mysterious realm of death as experienced by several people within the program.  The perspective and shared encounters the subjects in the program have are said to be touching as well as revealing and insightful.  Film-Maker, Helen Whitney, tackles the subject of mortality from an angle such that the program ends up being more about Life than Death, according to a New York Times Review of the program.

The documentary's Film-Maker,Helen Whitney, says this about her project:

"I think it will give people an urgency to their lives not to push off the meaningful conversations, to forgive another person or make amends, to not put off something you have a passion to do," she said. "Think, 'what is my story, what is the importance of my life.' Drill down on that, so that when the moment does come, you're not filled with regrets.'"



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