As gyms remained closed due to the COVID19 pandemic, many are discovering alternate ways to exercise and stay or get in shape.  According to, there is no clear answer as to when gyms will re-open in New York State.  There are local alternatives to take advantage of until gyms open back up.

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Jill Daddario, a local certified personal trainer and the founder of Go Further Fitness, said this according to WGRZ.

Getting creative with workouts and a lot of times the gym helps people be consistent and it gets them to go to a certain location where their mindset is in working out.  So that transition, helping people find the motivation at home and stay consistent with it is something us as trainers have had to help our clients with.

Local Workout Alternatives:

  • YMCA Buffalo/Niagara is offering various fitness classes, both in-person (yet socially distanced) and over virtual platforms.
  • Fitness in the Parks is an outdoor event that's been offered for eight years according to WGRZ. They will be offering classes both outside and virtually.

  • JCC of Greater Buffalo, is offering both virtual and socially distanced outdoor classes at their Amherst and Buffalo locations.

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