One of the scariest things to me about being a parent is the idea of something happening to your child and you can't do anything to stop it or to help them.

I remember last year when my then nine-year-old caught the flu and how worried me and his mom where but even then I never thought the flu could or would take his life. Luckily he recovered but a family from Hamburg wasn't so lucky.

Luca was just 11 years old when he contracted the flu and even tho he did receive flu shot health experts say there is a mismatch for this year's vaccine against the strain of virus responsible for 21 of the 32 deaths recorded so far.

My heart goes out to the family or any family that has to deal with the death of a child I couldn't imagine how they feel.

One thing about WNY is that we have the ability to come together in hard times. It was nice to see local businesses giving back in honor of Luca, hit link below to see what business around your area are doing to show support for the Luca S. Calanni Foundation.

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