Lloyd Taco Factory will be opening an Elmwood Village locations. As someone who lives close to Elmwood, this makes my heart and my stomach happy!

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Credit: WIVB

Lloyd Taco Factory will be taking over the old Cecilia's location this summer, hopefully in June, according to WIVB. The third Lloyds location will be located at 716 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo's Elmwood Village.

“We are thrilled to have found the perfect home for our next Taco Factory – in the heart of the Elmwood Village at 716 Elmwood. We recognize the neighborhood was hoping for something amazing to come to this iconic location and we’re confident we will deliver just that.” ~ Peter Cimino, Founder, and CEO of Lloyd Products, Inc.

Construction is expected to start soon. The new location will feature an outdoor space, according to Cimino, which can be used for movie nights, live music and more.

Credit: WIVBTV via Youtube

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