Yesterday, "Yes Liv Can" was an underground artist at best. Today she is headline news, thanks to her new video, "Sorry Ms Carter". Watch this trainwreck in action as this unknown female rapper attacks the Beyhive.

The crazy part is not that fact that she spent all of $1 to film this video at her crib, a.k.a. YLC Studios. It's not even the fact that she don't think the Beygency will have her head by the day's end. It's that she puts in all this effort to claim Jay Z is unfaithful to his wife and somehow bully Beyonce, yet she don't even have any proof.

Liv says she ain't have sexual relations with Jigga, just a deep connection over hip-hop! #YeahOk A few months ago she claimed that Nicki Minaj bit HER style?! WTH??

Hit her up on Twitter, @YesLivCan.