Where are you Weezy? Late night host Jimmy Kimmel found himself in a strange predicament on his show Thursday night (Mar. 1) when Lil Wayne decided not to appear for a scheduled chat. So to fill up the slot, Kimmel called on a random audience member named Carl to fill in for the no-show rapper.

Wearing a wig of fake dreadlocks and trucker hat, Carl comically played along as the Lil Wayne substitute. What happened next was some of the best improv you will see on television.

Here are five things we learned from Lil Wayne (well, sort of):

1. He was incarcerated for eight months for speeding.
2. He loves hockey.
3. His favorite book is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’
4. He doesn’t lift weights, he just skateboards.
5. He didn’t get Justin Bieber a birthday gift.

Surprisingly, Carl didn’t know much about the Young Money leader. He didn’t even know that Weezy was, in fact, from New Orleans and not New York (Come on, Carl! Everyone knows that!). Later, Lil Wayne (the substitute) had a difficult time answering Kimmel’s question as to why he was wearing a million-dollar pair of headphones at an NBA All-Star Game. Nevertheless, props to Kimmel for turning an embarrassing situation into a funny moment on late-night television.

As for the whereabouts of the real Lil Wayne, apparently, he was too busy performing at the Hollywood for Caesars Escape to Total Rewards music event in Los Angeles.

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