Lil B is admitting his past wrongs and has apologized to The Weeknd for dissing him on "4 Tha Record" as well as on Twitter two years ago.

"I want to apologize and take back saying, 'F--- The Weeknd,'" said Lil B in an interview with ILY. "I said it for no reason and thought about why back when I said it. It’s because he un-followed me on Twitter and I felt weird about that, and I thought back to that moment and said, 'Why’d I do that?' That’s not right. The Weeknd is a good guy—I talked to him before everything really blew up, and he told me how he felt. I definitely want to apologize about what I said about The Weeknd, and I want him to know that. I’m not scared to admit if I’m wrong, after I analyze it. If I feel that I’m wrong or there’s somebody that I love and trust that says that I’m wrong, I can accept that and bring that to a discussion. I’m not afraid to learn."

As for his other victims, NBA stars Kevin Durant and James Harden, who have been bestowed with the infamous "Lil B curse," that seems to be still intact. In the interview, the California native explained what the curses are all about.

"The curses span from relationships to businesses to anybody that’s being dishonest and fake in different ways," he said. "I know the BasedGod is protecting me and Lil B, but it’s all about staying real."

The "No Black Person is Ugly" rapper also spoke about how being in the studio with Lil Wayne influenced him.

"It’s an inspiring time for me when people like him are acknowledging and understanding what Lil B is doing. I think that was a groundbreaking time for me, and I’m really happy about that," he said. "Him embracing me was more than enough. Him being happy to see me—to see Wayne smile. That was big. That impacted me."

Check out the full interview here.

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