Bobbi Kristina remains on life support as the Brown vs Houston family feud heats up And now her father speaks up to take control of BK's fate away from her "husband" Nick Gordon.

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Despite her #HappilyMarried tweet back in 2013, Bobby Brown and his lawyers told ABC News that

"Bobbi Kristina is not and has never been married to Nick Gordon.”

If this is true, that means that Bobby Brown, not Nick Gordon, will make the final decision whether to keep Krissy on life support or not.

What events took place before the 911 call on Saturday are still unknown, but Police are looking for a THIRD witness that may provide clues.

Meanwhile, details about her "friend" who found her unresponsive in the bathtub have surfaced. Max Lomas has a long history of drugs and violence. He was arrested just 2 weeks before the incident for possession of Xanax and marijuana.

This begs the question, what was Max doing at Bobbi Kristina's house??

Police are investigating but no word has been given whether or not drugs played a part in the tragic incident. However, when they came back to search the house with a warrant, Police did find illegal drugs, but what they were or if she had them in her system has not been released to the public.... yet.

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