Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon To Rehab
Nick Gordon has been a wreck since finding his 'wife', Bobbi Kristina, unconscious, face down in a bath tub, earlier this year. His mother and Dr.Phil sat him down for an intervention where Dr.Phil says he is unstable and will need rehab.
Police: Nicki Gordon Is A Suspect
Bobbi Kristina remains on life support as her family continues to pray for a miracle. Meanwhile, Police have opened up a criminal investigation on her boyfriend Nick Gordon and the events that led up to her lying unconscious in a bathtub after apparently suffering an overdose . Details inside.
Bobbi Kristina Is NOT Married?!
Bobbi Kristina remains on life support as the Brown vs Houston family feud heats up And now her father speaks up to take control of BK's fate away from her "husband" Nick Gordon.