People have reservations about online dating or dating through apps because there’s a chance the person who they’re talking to isn’t who they’re saying they are.

Escaped Fugitive Captured Near Canadian Border After 3-Week Manhunt
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Well, one New. Orleans man learned that lesson the hard way because his presumed female date was not only not a woman, and when he showed up for the date he was met by a gang of bounty hunters. Apparently things went left real fast because the man, identified as 22-year-old Malik London, tried to escape the ambush and allegedly shot at a bounty hunter in the process, according to wwltv.

London’s lawyer, Jerry Settle, said his client went to a coffee shop called PJsCoffee on Thursday for a romantic date with a woman he met online. He told the New Orleans Advocate that London received “erotic messages” on social media and was lured to the coffee shop with the promise of sex with the woman, whom he had never met in person.

When he showed up to meet his potential new bae, bond agents in multiple vehicles popped up and cornered him. According to the report, police said that London tried to escape in his car when he noticed a state-licensed bounty hunter wearing a white badge with the words “fugitive recovery agent” on his shirt. London then allegedly rolled down his window and opened fire on the bounty hunter.

London was initially wanted for failing to appear in court in a domestic violence case.

Reports indicated that a bounty hunter was struck by the gunfire and taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries but the extent of his injuries was not immediately clear. London was later arrested for attempted second-degree murder.

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