I had a chance to talk to Lalah while she was on her Tour Bus on her way to Buffalo, NY for Saturday Night's show at the Tralf. She is a very down-to-Earth person who loves performing for the People! Interview inside



Jazzy T: I am so honored and blessed to have Ms. Lalah Hathaway on the line with me right now! For those who don’t know she has been a well-traveled very talented neo-soul, jazz, R&B vocalist, known as the "1st daughter of soul" thanks to your dad Donny Hathaway. But I noticed on your new album “Where it all Begins”  it seems like you’re trying to break free from those stereotypes and do something different.

Lalah Hathaway:  I am! I think it’s not so much trying to do something different, it’s just trying to include more of the things I like to do.  It’s more of a brighter record, kind of more rhythmic record.  There will never be enough time for me to make all the records I want to make so I try to include as much per project as possible.

Jazzy T:  One song on there I absolutely love is called “If You Want To,” tell us about that single.

Lalah Hathaway:  That’s a song that we got the track for and decided to make something that will make people move.  I really love those kinds of records, like I said it’s absolutely a little more rhythmic than my records have been in the last 10 years or so.  The new single actually is “You Were Meant for Me” which is a cover of one of my dad’s songs so we include some of that stuff too.  I feel like the record is very well rounded in terms of all the stuff that is on it, I am really proud of it.

Jazzy T:  Where it all begins, so you will be performing tracks off of that album?

Lalah Hathaway:  Absolutely.

Jazzy T:  I personally never had the chance to see you live, but I’ve heard that you have the tendency to perform extended versions and even alternate versions of the album tracks.

Lalah Hathaway:  A couple of things are extended, some of them are not.  Each show is really catered to the room and for the crowd.  People who have seen me multiple times can tell you that each show is a little bit different, it all just depends on the feel and the night and the room.

Jazzy T:  Do you enjoy traveling and performing?

Lalah Hathaway:  I do, it’s my favorite thing.  The reason to make records is to be able to get out in front of people and get that immediate feedback from folks and have that conversation.

Jazzy T:  I love that, and you get your energy from the people.

Lalah Hathaway:  Absolutely!

Jazzy T:  So you’ll be here in Buffalo on Saturday night. The Tralf Music Hall is a magically place already and I’m sure you will feel nothing but positive vibes from the audience. I see here you were a national ambassador for the Circle of Promise with the Susan G Coleman Foundation.


Lalah Hathaway:  I am not anymore, but I do still do their work.  I believe Gabrielle Union is still, but I am not one for the Circle of Promise.  However I still encourage women to get your mammogram and get your breasts check every month, and men as well.

Jazzy T: Because on Saturday Morning Buffalo has our race for the cure.

Lalah Hathaway:  Oh wonderful, wonderful!  Good to know. We are traveling on this bus so we are looking forward to getting to Buffalo.  I was just telling someone last time I was there I was snowed in for 2 days about 10 or 12 years ago so I am looking forward to getting back there.

Jazzy T: So that’s why you booked a show in June?!

Lalah Hathaway:  That is right!!

Jazzy T:  Tell us about your band.

Lalah Hathaway:  The band is a great band.  Some guys have been playing with us for over ten years, and some are newer guys.  We have a full complement and a singer. My mom travels with me, we bring merch and t-shirts, and it’s kind of like a paid vacation for me.


Jazzy T:  I was reading on your Facebook page one of your friends said that your guitar player was actually just playing for the Queen of England.

Lalah Hathaway:  Yea he’s everyone’s guitar player actually.  He is over there with Stevie Wonder playing for the Queen Jubiliee so we have another guitar player who is a great friend of mine and I am looking forward to playing with him.

Jazzy T:  I appreciate you taking this time to speak with us and we look forward to seeing you this Saturday Night at the Tralf Music Hall.  Is there anything else you would like to tell the people of Western New York about the show and why they need to come out?

LalahHathaway:  Oh no they know they need to come out; if they are listening to you than they already know! I would love if they could hit me up on my twitter to let me know if they are going to the show its @LalahHathaway and the Facebook is Lalah Hathaway as well, and don’t forget about www.LalahHathaway.com!

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