Parts of WNY are expected to get more snow tomorrow into early Tuesday. The National Weather Service issued a Lake Effect Snow warning that's in effect from 6 pm Monday until 4 am on Tuesday, January 11. The affected areas of Niagara Falls and the Village of Medina (Niagara and Orleans Counties) could receive between two to five inches of snow and winds of up to 35 miles per hour.

Travel will be difficult at times with snow covered roads and reduced visibility. Areas of blowing snow could significantly reduce visibility. The hazardous conditions could impact the evening commute on Monday, and the morning commute on Tuesday.

A winter storm warning has been issued for Jamestown and Chautauqua County from Monday morning through Tuesday morning,

Heavy lake effect snow possible. Total snow accumulations of 8 inches or more possible. Winds could gust as high as 35 mph producing blowing and drifting snow.

A warning has also been given for Rochester. Snowfall is expected to be between 6 pm Monday and 1 am Tuesday in Monroe County.

On Thursday, January 7, the total snowfall in Buffalo was almost two feet,

In all, 17.8 inches of snow fell at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, more than doubling the daily snowfall record of 7.3 inches, set in 1974.

Yasmin Young
Yasmin Young

Driving Could Be Messy and Dangerous, Here Are 5 Safe Driving Tips

Commuters should be aware that driving conditions can change rapidly.

It's best to stay off the roads, but are some safety tips for driving in the snow from Triple A, if you have to go out,

- Drive Slow. It seems like a given, but countless times I've seen people flying by on snow-covered roads.  You may find out too late that there's black ice on the road

- Know Your Brakes. I'm not going to lie, I had crappy brakes for a while that were in desperate need of replacing, and driving in snowy conditions was a huge hazard.  If you know your brakes are "no bueno," try as hard as possible to avoid driving in wintery weather.

- Accelerate and Decelerate Slowly.  There's no need to try to hit 60 miles per hour, right as the stoplight turns green.  On the flip side, don't try to stop on a dime when the light turns red.  If the light is green, approach it cautiously, knowing it could change in a second.

- Increase Your Following Distance.  A snowstorm is not the time to get close enough to the car in front of you that you can read all of their bumper stickers through the sheet of snow coming down.  Fall back, as they say.

- Use Your Gears. If you drive an automatic, you can downshift your vehicle to gain better control on icy or snowy roads.

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