Since cuffing season is in full affect I found Your Tango's 5 Flirting Tips For Attracting Men:

  • Complain about something together. Find something small or insignificant that bothers both of you. This is where your sense of humor blends with making a connection and as a result can create a sense of fun-loving and flirtatious camaraderie.
  • Compliment his new shirt. If you think guys don't like or crave compliments, you are mistaken. Ask him where he got it. If he says he sometimes needs another opinion, offer to be that opinion-giver.
  • Make the most of body language. Make genuine, consistent eye contact. Let him know you're paying attention to what he's saying. Smile often when you're with him. Smile at him.
  • Don't interrupt him with your story that betters his. Truly listen and reflect back what you hear him saying.
  • Don't wait an hour to text him back. Don't wait two days to text him back. The good men don't want to play games and will be completely turned off if you follow "the rules." If you think you're playing hard to get and he will totally know that you like him and are doing just that by ignoring him, chances are he'll get frustrated.
I always miss when women are flirting with me so are these tips right ? I don't think I would notice most of these what other ones should be added to the list ?