Okay LipKitKylie, we see you!! 21-year-old #KylieJenner has made Forbes’ “Wealthiest Celebrities In America” list for the first time ever!! Earlier this year, she covered Forbes’ magazine in a feature where she was projected to be the youngest “self-made” billionaire.

In her first time being on this particular list, she came in at number 5 with a $900 million net worth, where she ties with non-other than Jay Z!! What? Wow! Kylie’s gains mostly come in from her KylieCosmetics line, which she has 100 percent ownership of. Jay Z on the other hand, had a whole $90 million net-worth increase just this year alone!

This list isn’t catered to a specific category like music, or makeup. This list is specifically for the wealthiest celebs in America!

Coming in first place is George Lucas, whose net worth is $5.4 billion. The number 2 spot is filled by Steven Spielberg, who stands at $3.7 billion. Aunty Oprah is obviously on this list as she comes in at number 3 with $2.8 billion. One of the basketball GOAT’s, Michael Jordan, comes in at number 4 with $1.7 billion.

 We now know Jay and Kylie tie with the number 5/6 $900 million spots.

David Copperfield($875 million), Diddy ($825 million), Tiger Woods ($800 million) and James Patterson  ($800 million) round up the top 10 wealthiest celebs in America.

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