Kodak Cant catch a break !
It is being reported that Kodak will be spending the next 30 days in solitary confinement for breaking yard rules

It appears from legal docs according to TMZ he was taken out of general population after he used the prison phone to make a 3-way call which is prohibited by prison rules. He was given 30 days in the hole for that violation.

The rapper , who is currently behind bars in Florida also filed legal docs asking the judge to allow him to have his tutor visit while he is in solitary because he wants to get his GED. In docs, filed by attorney Bradford Cohen and obtained by TMZ, Kodak also asks for access to a laptop and adds prior to getting jailed, he was studying for his GED.

The judge has yet to rule.
look at young kodak trying to do right getting his GED, Although in jail his is still trying to get it together.

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