Khole Kardashian is trending along with her sister Kim today after she captioned this Meme "True"! The pic that has been circulating on net for a while now that it has been Kardashian Approved, everyone got something to say.


She later deleted the pic. I guess after a few nasty comments she realized that aligning her family with the white supremacist clan is bad for business.

This happened just hours before Paper Magazine released their Winter Cover featuring a naked Mrs Kanye West. Click Here for that story.

The Internet exploded with memes mocking the photoshop enhanced booty. 

For the second cover, French photographer Jean Paul-Goude’s reinvented his infamous “Champagne Incident,” photo which featured a nude Black woman. He has a long history of  objectifying and exoticizing black women’s bodies in his photos. In an interview he said he has "Jungle Fever"!

Click Here to see his original work.