After a brief hiatus, Kevin McCall is back with a brand new EP, ‘Sextape.’ The R&B singer-songwriter, best known for his collaborations with Chris Brown on ‘Deuces’ and ‘Strip,’ shows off his skills and slows it down for the summer.

The EP starts off with the singer calling a woman to ask if she’ll do a sextape with him. When she says no, he tries to compromise by asking her, “What if we make a sextape and I use the audio on the mixtape.” She doesn’t go for that idea either.

The tracks are a mix of some traditional R&B with the growing trend of “new R&B,” which gives a more blunt, straightforward message in the songs much like most of The-Dream’s last album, 'IV Play.' McCall's ‘Here You Say It’ is a perfect example of this as he tells his woman to let him “F--- you in the mirror.”

‘Clear Water’ has a very summer feel to it, as he asks his lady to join him on “the private beach.” It’s a nice album cut, and when the beat drops at the end of the song, it really gets you moving.

After listening, it's apparent he's influenced Chris Brown, with songs like ‘Backseat Action’ and ‘She Can Get It.’ The singers could easily be switched on these songs without missing a beat.

‘She Can Get It’ brings a non-traditional feature in a R&B song with the inclusion of Gucci Mane. When you hear the words Gucci Mane, "sexy" doesn't come to mind. Yet, somehow the feature actually works and makes for probably the best track on the project. The hook should be tweaked a bit to match the mood, but overall the song brings you back to something you’d hear in the early 2000s.

Kevin McCall ends the project with ‘Party Habit,’ a mid-tempo tempo track where he admits how much he loves to party. “I just can’t help it, I’m an addict, I got habits,” he sings while adding on how much green and molly he has.

Overall, the project is good and is a welcome listen for those who like the new style of R&B. Though, McCall still needs to showcase his signature style, as he gave a lot of his own to Brown for some of his biggest hits.

No songs really stand out as a hit on 'Sextape,' but it’s worth a solid listen as he mixes some old school R&B vibes with the new school.


 Listen to Kevin McCall's 'Sextape EP'