Find out why Kevin Hart cried "Tears Of Joy" on his birthday and why he's going down in comedy history inside!

Comedian/Actor Kevin Hart's 'Let Me Explain' comedy concert movie made history this weekend at the box office just in time for his 33rd birthday celebration. With a smart marketing campaign and a loyal social network, Kevin's HartBeat Productions and CodeBlack Films raked in $17 million at the theatres this holiday weekend; making it the highest-grossing opening weekend for any comedy concert movie ever!


If you missed the live show when Kevin was here in the Queen City, don't miss the comedy concert movie while it's in theaters! Kevin Hart takes the audience on a hilarious journey as he opens up about several rumors regarding his life such as marriage,divorce, & parenthood along with having fire shooting from the stage.

Check out a few clips from the film in this Blacktree Media Interview below.

Kevin also touches on black men wearing dresses. For more on this topic, click here.