Animals, Christmas just came a day ahead of schedule.

While the increasingly nasty legal battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke rages on, it appears that, at long last, the artist formerly known as K-e-dollar sign-ha is getting back to business on the stage — but she's not alone.

Last night, out of nowhere, Kesha posted an invitation to an impromptu concert: "You are cordially invited to spend an evening with...the Yeast Infection," the note reads. (Of course that's the band name.) "Tonight at 9 PM — Nashville, TN. More details to follow."

Just a few hours later, Kesha tweeted a photo: "Hello world. We are. Y E A S T I N F E C T I O N. 21+," she wrote.

"Kesha is playing " The Springwater" tonight, in 10 minutes, in Nashville. Merry Christmas🐓," her mother Pebe tweeted last night.

There doesn't appear to be any footage from the gig just yet (and yes, that means we've been searching the term "kesha yeast infection" all morning — Merry Christmas!), and there's still no word on whether this was just a one-off gig to allow her creative freak flag to fly or if Kesha's future is indeed in Yeast Infection, but we'll be on watch.

Let the Kesha revival begin, y'all! (Also, please don't forget about your solo pop career.) #JusticeForTheHaroldSong

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