Today we celebrate the birth of a "Rap God" and tonight all Scandal fans will be glued to the screen to see what Kerry Washington is wearing. And soon we will see Eminem and Kerry Washington together on Saturday Night Live! 

Marshal Mathers AKA Eminem AKA Slim Shady celebrates his 41st Birthday today! The SNL Veteran will show Kerry Washington AKA Olivia Pope AKA The Queen of Thursday nights around the SNL set as she brings a little color to Saturday Night Live!

SNL recently faced a flurry of criticism with the introduction of six new cast members for the 39th season: all of them white and only one of them a woman! And Kenan Thompson made matters go from bad to worse when he said that there were no black women on Saturday Night Live because there weren't any funny black women ready to be on the show! Well I beg to differ!

After three seasons of living and breathing as the character Olivia Pope, I'd say Kerry Washington is ready to handle anything!! Don't miss Scandal tonight at 10pm on ABC

Also Read what Em is saying in his new single "Rap God" here

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