A day after parents call WBLK for racial slur help, Kenmore East Superintendent Mark P. Mondanaro has ordered most of the Kenmore West girls varsity basketball team suspended - 2 days, out of school plus other sanctions.

On Wednesday, the parents of Tyra Batts called The Peoples Station 93.7 WBLK, to voice a situation that has everybody in Western New York sounding off. Their daughter, an African-American sophomore varsity basketball player at Kenmore East high school was suspended after getting into an altercation, where she was called a "black piece of [expletive]" by a Caucasian teammate. This all stems from Tyra’s refusal to participate in a pre-game varsity prayer which is concluded by “1, 2, 3, [N… Word].”

Being the first media outlet to bring you the news of the incident caused a flux of furious callers to jam the lines at WBLK and became the main highlight of Western New York news stations, along with TheBuffaloNews.com following suit in headlining the story on their front page.

Now personally, I’ve been able to gather that this behavior was going on for years and one caller that I talked to suggested that it may have been going on for as many as 7. My question is, if this was going on for years, how could no other adults be aware? Someone had to, right? Or were they in the know and just too ashamed or proud to speak up about it?

I’d like to take this moment and swing a jab at Ms. Sandra Tan of The Buffalo News for stating in her article that the Caucasian players of Ken-East were seeing “angry [Facebook] comments back and forth between white and minority students”. Why couldn’t Ms. Tan just say white and black students, why must students of color (or anyone for that matter) be subjected to being called a “minority”?

Bottom line is, regardless of color we are still equal people. We have all been lied and tricked in to hating each other (something along the lines of the Willie Lynch theory). If there was ever a time that we all need each other, it’s now. While people are going day to day holding racial tensions, just last week the U.S. Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act (S. 1867)– a bill that would allow the military to come snatch all of our white and black asses up, stick Americans in FEMA camps and hold you indefinitely without charges, trial, or any oversight whatsoever. The troops have been ordered home from Iraq, the next stop is right here to get YOU and color does NOT matter!

It’s about time we come off the dumb stuff. Time is running out FAST!

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