Kenan Thompson is having a great month, after receiving an Emmy at this year’s award show, he now has a new surprise in store! It seems after 15 years of being a cast member on SNL, Kenan will be starring in his own show on NBC! According to Variety, NBC has officially given the green light on the new comedy called Saving Larry.

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The comedy series will apparently have Kenan play a single father who has to deal with playing the role of both the father and the mother in his children’s lives after his wife passes away. Not only will Kenan be starring in the show but he will also be an executive producer!

As of right now the show is being picked up for 1 season, but if it becomes a regular series, Kenan will have to make his departure from Saturday Night Live.

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Now we all know Kenan has come a longgggggg way. In fact, we can all say in a way, we’ve grown up with Kenan. From his days on Nickelodeon’s ALLTHAT to his spinoff show Kenan And Kel. And how could we ever forget his GoodBurger movie.

It’s amazing to see that Kenan is still on our television screens 20 years later. Congrats to him and his new show!