We have to admit that Kanye West's blank artwork for 'Yeezus' leaves a lot to be desired. However, Yeezy did offer a promotional poster of the CD with the caption "Please Add Graffiti" for creative artists to design their own covers.

GQ magazine sent out the promotional ad to several creative people and asked them to come up with their own artwork for the 'Yeezus' album.

Among the designers were legendary graffiti artist ESPO, tattoo legend Mr. Cartoon and actor James Franco.

To check out the rest of the redesigned 'Yeezus' artwork, click here.

ESPO's take: "At the time I made the painting I had only seen the 'SNL' performance and that was convincing enough. I read Jon Caramanica's article in the NY Times and took Yeezus's answers as the yospel truth."


Mister Cartoon's take: "I got inspiration from Kim Kardashian's eye. Also inking my name up on the poster felt like I was tagging on a bathroom wall back in the day."

Mister Cartoon / GQ

James Franco's take: "I was asked to get axed in an American Psycho-themed commercial for Kanye, but instead of getting cut up, I made a cut-up American Psycho piece for him."

James Franco / GQ