Kanye West lashed out at paparazzi yesterday, and it wasn't pretty -- he even damaged the camera of one photographer who had the nerve to ask about a sequel to 'Watch the Throne.'

As is common with angry videos, however, it's lightening up -- with a remix of West's tantrum.

It turns out the reason for West's anger at the paparazzi stems from his relationship with Kim Kardashian, who actively courts photographers everywhere she goes. TMZ reports that Yeezy feels like that paparazzi often antagonize him, and sometimes they do -- one had the nerve to ask him if he and Kardashian were inviting her exes Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries to their own wedding.

In a separate incident, after Kardashian and West announced that she was pregnant, another pap asked the couple if Ray J would be invited to the baby shower for little North. Dude, seriously?

While we don't blame Yeezy for being annoyed, physically attacking anyone isn't the answer. How about just finding a new girlfriend, Ye?

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