It wasn’t even a year ago that Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Pink Friday’ jumped over the 1.5-million mark in sales, and now her producer Kane Beatz is saying she’s already back in the studio. According to Kane, the music sounds “crazy.”

“[Nicki Minaj] wants hit records every time and she wants to be creative,” he told MTV at the 2011 Hip Hop Awards. “With Nicki, it’s more about getting the music right and leaving her the room to be creative.”

Fortunately, Kane knows a thing or two about leaving Nicki that room — he helped create ‘Super Bass,’ the Number Three hit that recently became a viral sensation. He says they’ve put together one new track for the next album, although there’s no word as to when we can expect to hear the finished results.

In the meantime, Kane is keeping busy with new tracks for artists such as Roscoe Dash and Rick Ross, while Nicki can be heard as a guest performer on an ever-growing list of hit singles, including Drake’s ‘Make Me Proud.’

Watch Kane Beatz talk about Nicki Minaj’s new music


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