Juvenile's returning to the label that he helped put on the map. In a new interview with MTV News' Rob Markman, Juvenile confirmed that he has signed with Cash Money Records once again.

"It's already done, man, I signed the paperwork a couple days ago," said Juvenile when asked about the possibility of rejoining Cash Money Records. "I'm signed back. Rich Gang, I'm about to get my little tattoo and everything. It's all love. I'm back."

Juvenile has been seen repping the YMCMB and Rich Gang brands for a few years now, so his Cash Money return does not come as a huge surprise. Birdman also spoke to MTV News about Juvenile's return to Cash Money.

"Even though we been through what we've been through, we're older now 'cause we were younger then," said Birdman. "We all spoke. [Lil'] Wayne did music with him, we spoke. I just wanted to feel if the time was right, if we could do it or if we wasn't gonna do it, we just wasn't gonna do it. And I just feel like the time is right."

This will mark the third time that the New Orleans, LA rapper has signed with Cash Money Records. Juvenile originally left the label following the release of his 2001 album 'Project English' due to a money dispute. He would return in 2003 to release his album 'Juve The Great' before quickly departing once again. Despite this history, Juvenile assures fans he's in it for the long haul this time around.

"I'm here to stay too," said Juvenile. "For everybody out there, I'm not going nowhere. I talked about it to [Birdman] like, man, I plan on retiring here. You start where you finish. I ain't going nowhere, I'm here."

The Juvenile and Cash Money partnership has been fruitful for both sides. Juvenile's work as solo artist and as part of the Hot Boys (with Lil' Wayne, B.G. and Turk) played a vital role in Cash Money's ability to secure a major deal with Universal Records in the late 90s. Plus, Juvenile's 1998 album '400 Degreez' is still the best-selling album for both Juvenile as a solo artist and Cash Money as a label.

"To be working with Juvie again, I'm excited about that," said Birdman. "I know what I can bring out him and I know with the platform that I have, he can be bigger than was before."

You can watch the full interviews with Juvenile and Birdman below.

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