Primary Election Day here in New York State is Tuesday, June 23rd and there are some important elections this year that you need to know about.

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Also, since New York State has started Early Voting and made voting by mail available to everyone, you really have no excuse to go out and vote. So, here's just a small sample of the primary elections we have this year.


  • The Democratic Party Presidential Primary Candidates
    Pete Buttigieg
    Amy Klobuchar
    Joseph R. Biden
    Tulsi Gabbard
    Bernie Sanders
    Michael R. Bloomberg
    Tom Steyer
    Michael Bennet
    Elizabeth Warren
    Andrew Yang
    Deval Patrick
  • Candidates - 27th Congressional District in the House of Representatives
    Stefan I. Mychajliw Jr.
    Beth Parlato
    Chris Jacobs.
    Nicholas P. Phelps Jr.
    Duane J. Whitmer
  • 27th Congressional District Special Election (to fill vacancy) in the House of Representatives
    Nate McMurray
    Christopher Jacobs
    Michael Gammariello
    Duane Whitmer

New York State

  • Primary Candidates for New York State Assembly - 140th Assembly District
    William C. Conrad III
    Kevin T. Stocker
    Ronald J. Pilozzi
    William C. Conrad III
  • Primary Candidates for New York State Assembly - 142th Assembly District
    Madison L. Klimowicz
    Patrick B. Burke
    Matthew S. Szalkowski
    Patrick B. Burke
  • Primary Candidates for New York State Assembly - 146th Assembly District
    Jonathan A. Lavell
    Robin L. Wolfgang
  • Primary Candidates for New York State Assembly - 149th Assembly District
    Adam L. Bojak
    Robert Quintana
    Jonathan D. Rivera
  • Primary Candidates for New York State Senate - 61st Senate District
    Kim Smith
    Jacqualine G. Berger
    Joan Elizabeth Seamans
    Andrew J. Gruszka
    Edward A. Rath III

You can find out more information about the election, including where your polling place is by going to the Erie County Board of Elections site right here.

I also had a conversation with Samantha Nephew, the former Executive Director of the Erie County Democratic Committee and we had a great conversation about why Primary elections are so important and why YOU should vote in them. You can listen to our conversation right here.

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