JOSH ALLEN WAS MAD. Actually, he was more than mad. Josh Allen was so mad he knocked the helmet off of one Miami Dolphins player. Did Josh Allen get grabbed in his...uhh...manhood?

The tweets below could be considered NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Maybe you could say that these could be 'sensitive', pun intended.

It looked like Miami Dolphins defensive player Christian Wilkins grabbed Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen in the privates during a scrum that ended up in a pile. Josh Allen then knocked the helmet right off of his head as Wilkins lay on the turf.

What did Josh Allen say to Wilkins and what did Wilkins say to Allen? Wilkins talked to a reporter after the game and he refused to say that happens. You can check out the video below.

It is not confirmed that is 100% what happened, but the internet seemed to not miss it. Here are some of the tweets right after the incident happened.

This wouldn't be the first time that Allen and Wilkins had some beef with each other. What did Wilkins and Josh Allen say to each other? When asked Wilkins said:

"We're both competitors" and he wouldn't say what was exchanged between the two.

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