I can honestly say, I don't personally remember this amazing Buffalo chicken wing like many of the Buffalonians I talk to remember them. Since these wings have been back in the spotlight, I have been doing some research and talking with some people from Buffalo that was actually around for the original "Wing King" of Buffalo.

Many of us know somebody that can tell you almost everything related to history in Buffalo, well, I didn't feel like talking to my uncle so I just googled everything. Seriously, I had a recent debate on-air about Buffalo businesses back in the day and, John Young's Mumbo Wing was mentioned on many of those phone call-ins.

Credit: spectrumlocalnews.com

Linda Brown Young is John Young's daughter, and she will be bringing his famous recipe back. Linda plans to sell her father's "Mumbo Wing" at monthly pop-ups in the Broadway Market.

I grew up in my dad's restaurant, fixing wings and other things he was selling. I saw my father-written recipe a few years ago, I'm still trying to find it. Since I worked in the restaurant, I do remember, pretty much how we made it.

said, Linda Brown Young according to spectrumlocalnews.com

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The next monthly pop-up date will be March 31, if you would like to check out more dates and times where you can get your hands on some of those wings, you can click here. I love me some wings in Buffalo, and we have a few places that dose very good chicken wings. I will definitely have to see what everyone is talking about when it comes to the "Mumbo Wing".

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