JoJo Simmons took a loss last weekend when Skull Gang member Hyneif posted an Instagram picture of him being roughed up when confronted in Queens but Russell's nephew has finally addressed the issue from his end -- with the help of a few goons.

As the story goes: Juelz Santana affiliate Hynief caught up with JoJo sometime last weekend after taking issue with a diss track he released going at the head of Harlem rapper and founder of the Skull Gang Juelz Santana.

The Skull Gang member captioned the photo saying, “Guess who I caught y’all Lil punk ass Jo Jo that made the diss track look at his face when he ace! #facts shouldn’t pop shit if u not bout that life real niggas don’t care who u related too fuck nigga.”

According to Hip Hop DX, Hynief allegedly forced JoJo to apologize to Juelz over the phone for popping off on wax.

But, on a recent video interview with Crave TV 6, JoJo clapped back in his way, talking "peace" the entire time while his seemingly Crip-affiliated crew egged on a more forceful retaliation.

"At the end of the motherf------ day, [JoJo]'s rolling with the motherf------ blue umbrella," shouted an unidentified man. "N----- know what f------ time it is. They know the smoke so frosty, I let it motherf------ ring..."

“I’m not gonna talk no crazy s---," JoJo said. "That’s what [Skull Gang does] and I do what I do at the end of the day, man. I grew up a very good kid and all that other s---. So they can stick to that violence stuff, but me…I’ma stick to just getting money."

"'Cause all I been around is money all my life," he added. "I ain’t been about all that thug [and] all that gun s--- all my life so that’s not what I do. What I do is count money and f--- b------ and I travel the world. That’s all I do. I’m not about that violence s---. This ain’t no s----talkin’ or none of that. This me keepin’ it real.”

The beef all began in January with Juelz Santana’s track "Soft" which featured Rick Ross, Fabolous and Meek Mill. The Harlem emcee rapped, “Far as that dough goes / I’m Russell Simmons, you JoJo.”

The line clearly struck a chord with Jo Jo and he directly went at Juelz head with his diss track "Holy Water," where he challenged Juelz relevance in today's hip-hop industry. "Now how you gonna mention my uncle Russell / The industry forgot you f-----, you nothin’ special /...Simmons will not let you / Compare your money to my uncle / That’s just disrespectful / You’re not eligible.”

We're hoping things stay on wax but at this point where squads are mouthing off and egos are involved, it would be best if everyone kept a level head.

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