Jennifer Hudson has been receiving major backlash from the media and her fans about her recent dramatic weight loss after photos surfaced. Although she's been shedding pounds consistently for the past few years after signing on as a spokesperson with Weight Watchers, this may be her smallest yet. I think she looks great but many are saying that she's too thin, but are probably the same ones that used to say she was too big! How soon we forget. Anywho, before anyone jumps to conclusions, in J Hud's defense, it's said that she dropped the weight for a part in a movie titled  “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete", where she plays a heroin addict named Gloria. During an interview with the Huffington Post back in October this is what she had to say about the role and her weight loss:

They did request that I lose about 10 pounds for [the movie.] I don’t know that I did. [Laughs] But for “Winnie,” I did. But for this one, it was just like, “Oh, if you could lose a little more weight.” But I did learn eventually that with heroin addicts, in doing our research, that it’s not necessarily like a physical thing where you’re too thin or too heavy.  [Director George Tillman Jr.] had this thing where Gloria was so into her drugs that she sacrificed the food, like, “I don’t want to eat, I just want to get high.” So that’s what stemmed her to look like she’s lost weight or she wasn’t eating or taking care of herself.

What do you think? Does J Hud look great, has she lost too much weight or should people stop focusing so much on someone's weight to begin with?