If you've been on Facebook or Twitter the last 24 hours, or have seen the local news, then chances are you have heard about an upcoming Paramount Pictures movie that will soon be filming in Buffalo.

Casting Buffalo over the weekend posted a casting call for extras, with the production timeframe of March to May. WGRZ reports that a source told them to expect an official announcement within the coming days or weeks.

The question remains though...who will be starring in the film and what kind of movie is it?

Who will star in the upcoming movie remains to be seen, but based off the criteria the production crew is looking for in their extras, it's safe to say this movie will have a throwback kind of feel to it.

The casting call is looking for extras of all ages and both men and women. More specifically, they're looking for anyone with an "Amish-type" appearance. That means long beards and proper haircuts. The listing also says anyone who is "willing" to match the look.

Teens and children are also asked to apply to be an extra, but obviously, no beard required there.

So, if you have a good beard going and want to be in a Hollywood movie, do NOT shave it! If you're someone who is willing to match the look, then you should definitely also apply to be an extra.

You can also find a link to some photo references of what the filmmakers are going for in regards to the look at Casting Buffalo's website.

I can't grow a good beard if I tried, so I'm definitely out on this one, but I have a few friends who would be a shoo-in for this!

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