This weeks edition of the Copy and Pasty Breakdown. We look at the roots of Jeezy's song I Do featuring Jay-Z and Andre 3000. The original of this song is a song by Lenny Williams called Lets Talk It Over released as a single in 1979 on MCA Records.

Here is what Lenny Williams had to say about the track and Young Jeezy sampling it when interviewed by urban daily.
“I thought it was going to be my follow-up to ‘Cause I love you’ and I was trying to do a similar song,” says Williams of the track. “But we ended up doing it a little faster than I wanted to at the end. So I couldn’t get my talking on. It’s a good song, I always felt it was kind of wasted and here it is all these years later and Jeezy found it. It’s exciting to see what touches people. It’s gotta be thirty years later and they found it. Their version has a lot of nice strings. They got me humming in the back. I love it.”
Check out the song lets talk it over by Lenny Williams :
Lets Talk It Over by Lenny Williams on Grooveshark

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