Just when I thought she couldn't get me to respect her more....


She goes and puts out another attention-grabbing video to an amazing song! "I Don't Care" is the 3rd single of Ms. Varner's debut album entitled "Perfectly Imperfect" and this video treatment is perfect.

I love how she goes all natural for some moments, love the concept of controversial relationships, love the cinematography.

Check it out!!


There are a few things that make me really respect/support an artist and Elle Varner has each one of them:

*I like for an artist to be who THEY want to be and put out music that appeals to who they are ✓

*I like for an artist to make sure their videos have meaning and represent the song to the fullest ✓

*I like for an artist to connect with his/her fans and keep that strong ✓

*I LOVE for an artist to make GOOD MUSIC that I can repeat all day errrrryday ✓

#ElleVarnerRocks :)

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