Keri Hilson has never been one to hold back on her opinions and beliefs. Her last album (which was GREAT by the way) entitled "No Boys Allowed" had some diversity to it, that's for sure. She had her classic Keri ballads and a couple club bangers too. Keri recently spoke on her standards when it comes to dating and, surprisingly enough, she doesn't want a man who is in any industry that considers him a "celebrity."

Here's a little piece of what Keri had to say on the matter:

“I put a lot in that category – rappers, sports players, ball players and things like that. I would never say ‘never,’ but I want something real. I want real love. I don’t want this red carpet Hollywood love. I feel like they’re easily penetrated, and that’s something that I don’t want. I don’t want publicity. I want love.

“I ain’t no dummy. I know that it can work, and I know there is true love in those situations. But the way that some of them have approached me makes me feel like I would just be a publicity stunt, I guess. It’s like a ‘look’ for us to be together as opposed to ‘Oh, let’s get to know each other and see if it works.’ They just kind of want to move fast and want the world to know and be talked about. And that’s not something that’s appealing to me.” []

Honestly, she has an excellent point. When you're dealing with a man who is "livin' the life" it takes the relationship to a completely different level. Especially when you both are in the public watch. There are certain things and "people" that are a lot more accessible when money and fame is involved.
Plus, a man who is NOT in the spotlight won't be as likely to pull the "I don't need you 'cuz I got my own" card when things go sour. He'll most likely deal with it in a more manly manner.
Another good point Ms. Hilson made though, is that they're most definitely not all the same. There are quality, pure and real relationships out there between celebrities but they don't come without the proper time and effort to make sure they're legit.
How do you feel about the issue? Put yourself in Keri's shoes? Do You shut out the celebs and wait for a down-to-earth man to find you? Then, you may have the issue of worrying whether he was in it for the money or fame-- It could go both ways. But.... If I HAD to choose, I'd side with Keri. You?

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