Jay-Z and Beyonce have been the talk of the world in the last couple months. They owe it all to their little Blue Ivy Carter! Precisely the reason why this song exists. "Glory" features precious sounds of baby Blue in her infant.... Glory! She has already broken Billboard records and made an impact on the charts. * Read That Story Here  *

Jay's Shawn Carter Foundation (along with the United Way) broke another record last night by being responsible for the first hip hop show to grace the Carnegie Hall stage. College education was the theme of the night. What a fund-raiser! The show helped its cause a great deal.

Other music names like Nas and Alicia Keys joined Jay in this monumental event but the biggest moment of the whole thing was Jay-Z and his honesty about this track. "I didn't think I was going go get through that" he said.

Watch Jay's ode to Blue Ivy here!!


"Tonight, we're gonna step over all the lines that separate us." -Jay-Z

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