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While health news these days is primarily focused on the pandemic, there is still a looming crisis that's still of major concern, cancer. According to WGRZ Channel 2 News, close to 100,000 people in Western New York have been diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime and a new case is reported on an average of every 49 minutes in our region. This data was analyzed by Buffalo Business First who took a closer look into the numbers published by The New York State Cancer Registry.

After Buffalo Business First scrutinized the data it became clear that the two largest counties in the Western York region, Erie and Niagara, account for three-quarters of all cancer cases with lung and breast cancer being the most common.


Jami Reese, a Buffalo, New York native can attest first-hand to hearing those words "You have cancer" and preparing for the battle that followed. Thankfully as a Breast Cancer survivor, she's here with us today to share her story that has reached and touched so many. She spoke with me about how her journey began and what she's doing to help raise awareness for this cause. Read on to learn more about Jamma's Journey and how you can help as well!

ReddRoxx: Hey girl! Thank you so much for sitting down with me, please Introduce yourself to our readers

Jami Reese: Hi my name is Jami, I’m 29 and a I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor.

RR: Hi Jami! I cn't wait to hear about your story. But first, who's Jamma? Also, describe yourself in 3 words
JR: Jamma is my nickname, and I’m just myself! I am Confident, Strong, and Ambitious.

RR: Ok! I like that. So Jamma, you're  such an inspiration to women especially those who've battled breast cancer. Can you tell me about your journey? Where did it all begin for you?

JR: I’m glad I can be, honestly in the Breast Cancer community we are all in this together! It began in march of 2019 when i was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic Breast Cancer. It had already spread to my lymph nodes so i had to undergo chemo, double mastectomy surgery, radiation and immunotherapy.

RR: That had to be extremely scary! Especially with being so young. How'd you stay encouraged?

JR: It’s been tough but God and my support system has really carried me through. I’m naturally a positive person so I continued to be me during my entire fight! Rock my bald head, enjoy my hobbies and activities that i previously enjoyed. Things are definitely different but what never changed was my will to survive and be genuinely happy.

RR: That's truly amazing. I'm definitely inspired by your strength and courage. Where are you currently in your fight?

JR: I’m still in treatment with immunotherapy. Fighting cancer is a long process. But my Oncologist has informed me that the cancer is not currently active.

RR: That's really the best news someone can hear I'm sure! Congratulations! I love how you've used such a trying time to help others. Your bought with Breast Cancer has ignited you to help raise awareness correct? How are you doing so?

JR: I share my story. The bad, the good, all of it. Because I don’t know who can benefit from this information. I started a company called Jamma’s Journey to raise awareness, and proceeds. Portions are donated to other Breast cancer organizations to assist victims in need.

RR: That's so amazing! How do you feel it's going so far?

I feel that I am really reaching people, all through the U.S. Jammas Journey has received a lot of support. I’ve had women tell me personally that they have gotten breast exams after hearing my story. Some came back negative, but others tested positive for Breast Cancer genes and have began their fight EARLY. Which is the best time to catch it!

RR: Wow, so sharing your story is essentially helping to save lives! Are there other areas or ways you'd like to help?


JR: Besides raising awareness on a global level, I want to raise more awareness in the Black Community. The statistics shows that African-American women get Breast Cancer and DIE from it more than any other race. We need to find the reasons why and see how we can help lower those numbers and eradicate it entirely for all women.


RR: That's a great focus for sure and much needed. What's next for Jami Reese?
JR: Honestly wherever God leads me. I will continue to raise Breast Cancer Awareness. Hopefully in the near future through modeling campaigns, Motivational speaking and the efforts of Jamma's Journey. Every October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month you can expect to Jamma's Journey raising awareness in the communities and doing our part to help as many victims as we can!

RR: Amazing!  How can we support your movement?

JR: You can visit www.jammasjourney.com to keep up with what we are doing in the breast cancer community. There you can also donate, buy Jamma's Journey Merchadise and read other victims stories. Any and all support is appreciated!

RR: Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, I hop this helps your cause. Before we end, please leave some words of encourage for other women fighting breast cancer

JR: Fighting Breast Cancer is different for every woman, we experience different trials but together We are strong and We are beautiful. Remaining positive even through pain and tears is what makes us warriors! Breast Cancer may have started the fight, but Together we will win!

Be sure to tap in and support Jamma's Journey! Follow our IG @937wblk and me @radioreddroxx.

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